Women's Pride #2726

Rarity Ranking #945

Women's Pride is a collection of 7021 hand drawn arts inspired by 21 legendary women

Owned by EcSk4kqAM6s5TSBwajPNpuy3xrsusT3RBBo7Jv8dCBoS

Last sold for 2.9 SOL () on Magic Eden - -- ago

Background: Flowers Rarity 1.78%

42 NFTs have this attribute

Legend: Emmeline Pankhurst Rarity 3.78%

89 NFTs have this attribute

Earrings: Pearl Rarity 6.15%

145 NFTs have this attribute

Mask: Golden Bitcoin Rarity 1.1%

26 NFTs have this attribute

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NFT Activity for Women's Pride #2726

Sold for 2.9 SOL to 4EWZYmRGuEPNScVGTaaanbhSYFyUiZafN1CLg92m6xSs on Magic Eden - (-- ago)


Minted by Bo3XpUv4sT8ZWrJqk2Ps2NMFWuEQrxVtqxUPDr8cUr5X - (-- ago)